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Campus Afro Leaders



The application process for Campus Representatives (aka campus reps) for Afro Leads is OPEN!

Campus Afro Leaders are responsible for identifying partnerships with students, clubs, societies and staff, with the purpose of promoting the Afro Leads brand, initiatives and event calendar.  The ideal candidate will have identified the core values of Afro Leads and encompass those qualities, plus have the desire to promote Black Excellence in the UK.

Key duties of the role include:

  • Building strong relationships with Afro Caribbean Societies within your university
  • Before/after lecture shout outs of key events and initiatives
  • Promoting on social media of key events and initiatives
  • Building relationships with key staff members to further publicise events and initiatives
  • Recruiting students within your university to register to receive further information about Afro Leads events and initiatives

The ideal person will be:

  • Passionate about equality and diversity
  • Confident to deliver before/after lecture shout outs
  • Keen to develop their interpersonal skills
  • Good listening and writing skills
  • Have a good understand of the social media platforms Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter 

We are particularly interested in hearing from students who are actively part of their university’s Afro Caribbean Society.

All Student Ambassadors are required to attend online compulsory training events, designed to provide an introduction to the Afro Leads brand, educate you on the core skills of the role and develop your presentation skills.

Becoming a Campus Afro Leader will be very rewarding – it not only develops your communication, leadership and teamwork skills, it also increases your employability and gives you the opportunity to work in a variety of settings.

Closing Date: TBC 


If you require further support or have any queries about the application process please send an email to info@afroleads.co.uk

Please note that on submission of this form, you are consenting to your data being held for the processing of your application for the advertised role and also for marketing purposes, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.